For the past twenty years the designer objects of the HWS Collection have been a shining example of how contemporary, appealing and trendy pewter objects can be. Since the late 1970s Hans Werner Scholz has been successfully designing a product line, his trademark initials on all objects, consisting of lovely home accessories, exquisite gifts and objects that enhance any dinner table. A collection that demonstrates how modern design can remain timelessly classic.

It is the pleasure of pewter - the element, the alloy, a part of nature - that provides the creative inspiration for Hans Werner Scholz. Even after many years he is still unbelievably enthusiastic about the endless possibilities that pewter offers, the typical sheen, and the expressive shapes without pretentiousness, the soft lines and pure silhouettes. It is this love for the material that separates the HWS Collection from any mass productions. Individuality is created by the manufacture, and HWS pewter is hand-crafted: Every single object is an original.

The successful cooperation with internatiomally renowned designers

and the manufacturing for worldwide operating brands confims the high quality standards of HWS MUNICH.